Week 5 Summary

This was a long week. So much to do, but little time to do it. It all started off with my first post: “Radio Show Ideas”

I had some great ideas about radio shows and podcasts, and I would love to continue them down the road. Next, I posted about my Daily creation on 2/13/2020. This was one of the more enjoyable daily creates.

Next, I talked about the Moon Graffiti audio we listened to and found it very cool and interesting. One day I hope to make something like this, but when I have time.

Then, I created my radio show bumper, which is pretty ok. I can already think of ways I would change it.

I also created a sound story and uploaded it to SoundCloud. It is about a man who was hard at work in his office and then decided to spontaneously drive to the airport and take a trip to the beach. Great stuff.

I also had some fun and created a radio show commercial. This was fun because I envolved a friend who made it fun. It also took a few takes just because we could not stop laughing.

Last night, I was finally able to make it into the radio show. It was very interesting. Involved some spooky elements and a tad bit of French. I compiled my favorite tweets from that night.

Finally, I created a sick beat. It took some time to figure out Audacity this week, but I got the hang of it now. Pretty cool stuff.

I had a great time this week. I find the sound assignments a lot more entertaining than anything else. It gave me a chance to be creative with my time and I really appreciate that. I hope that we can continue to do sound assignments in the future. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy Valentine’s day!

DS106 Radio Show

Last night’s radio show was pretty interesting. I’ll compile some of my favorite tweets from last night.

Moon Graffiti

I love the starting of this podcast. Gets you right to the edge of your seat.

The Trust Podcast wrote about the moon landing that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ventured on. The podcast felt like you were right there with them. The sound that was edited turned what was just a radio of Buzz and Neil back and forth into what felt like a movie. It creates a mood that you wouldn’t otherwise get without the sound edited into it.

Audio storytelling is very important when it comes to storytelling in general. It’s a great way to elevate any story into something great. That’s what happened in this podcast. I am so glad I listened!

Daily Create 2/13/2020

This daily create was very odd. I did not expect to be graded on how I would insult a celebrity actor on the internet, but that’s what happened today. I made fun of William H. Macy, who plays Frank Gallagher on the famous show, Shameless. I said I dog looked more like the Frank character that he plays himself! Here’s that tweet I made:

Radio Show Ideas

I think they are more like podcast ideas. There’s one idea that I’ve actually considered doing in the near future with some buddies of mine. It would be a Hemp based podcast, but also just that industry in general.

Another Idea I have is a technology-based radio show. We would just explore everything that is new in the technology industries. It would be a fun time.

My last idea was something similar to the one above but based on environmental technologies and advancements. We would talk about how companies and countries are rethinking their sustainability and potentially how they can do better.