Week 11 – Daily Creates

This week I only did one daily create. I started a business and am now working two full time jobs because of school going online and life has been crazy because of it.

This one was about my favorite memories. I loved this one because I actually took some time to think about all of the different memories I had growing up. This one was for sure my favorite.


Two tests, three group projects, two labs, many many zoom classes later, it’s Friday. Finally, this week has come to an end. It is crazy to think that we only have about a month left. These weeks are starting to go by faster and faster, even with an isolated global pandemic underway.

I’ll start by saying, I did not get everything done this week. To be honest, I did not like most of the daily creates this week, and I know that I should have done them anyways, but I decided not to because of that. I am sorry.

However, I combat that with a voluntary group video project that was completed this week. I’ll argue that because so much time went into the creation of such a masterpiece, that lack of daily creativity should be overlooked. The video we created showcases interviews of individuals who lived through the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s roughly 14 minutes long and introduced some comedic relief as well.

I also made a blog post about the creation of this video as well. You can find that here:

I created a company last month that I can’t stop talking about. For the blog post that we were assigned to write introducing ideas about a final project, I mentioned this as one. I really want to explain to the world what it is we are doing and what it is we specialize in. Hemp. You can find that blog post here:

Next week looks a lot less busy than this, but I would be foolish to think that. If you’ve been following my weekly posts, than you would know this to be true. So, with that, I hope you have a great weekend. See you next week.