Week 4 Reflections

Wow, what a week! This was a fun one. I very much enjoy the visual assignments way more than the writing assignments.

I love the ‘Red bull gives whales wings’ assignment. It was super fun to make and it came out far better than I thought It would. I am really getting the hang of image editing and photoshop. I love it! Here it is:

I also liked the photo blitz. I did not get far but it was fun nonetheless. I can’t wait for next week to get started. See you next week!

Summarizing Iron Man with GIFs

What a movie this was. Hopefully, by now, you’ve already watched this movie. I would hate to spoil it. Possibly one of my favorites. Here we go.

It starts off with Tony Stark, clearly a badass, heading to a gun showcase in the middle of the desert.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

After showing off his glorious weapon, they head back to where they came from and stuff hits the fan. He ends up captured by terrorists and brought to their secret facility.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

At his time being captured, he was asked to recreate a missile that he demonstrated earlier. Instead, he makes an iron suit.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

He escapes and makes his way back to America where he becomes the infamous character known as “Iron Man”, and seeks his revenge.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

After fighting crime and defeating the terrorists who captured him in the first place, he announces to the world that he is the “Iron Man”.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

Behind his back, a top official at his company “Stark Industries” begins to steal his technology. Which he then tries to use to kill Tony Stark.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

End of the day, Iron Man was victorious. And remains to be the greatest superhero of all time.

Image result for iron man 1 gifs

Week 3: aka Fun Week

This was actually a good week for me. I was able to stay on top of my tasks and stay the course. Last week I struggled to keep up with my assignments, on top of my other classes, but this week I managed to be proactive and it felt very manageable.

It was fun to take this week and write a lot. Its been something I’ve very much enjoyed doing in the past, so it felt good to pick that back up again. In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed the 10-year letter to my self assignment. It was very entertaining talking to myself while also imagining what kind of person I may end up as. I haven’t really thought of what my life would be like 10 years from now, so it felt really good to write those thoughts into a blog post.


I also enjoyed that daily create we had to complete on Wednesday. It was fun to write a small mini-memoir on something we found important to us. I wrote mine about Denver, Colorado, which is where I was born and spent much of my time throughout my life. Below you can see exactly what that mini-memoir looked like:

12 writing stars were quite a lot, but I think as long as it doesn’t get much busier than that, we are good! I hope others in the class enjoyed this week as much as I did. Let’s see what next week brings us. Have a great weekend.

My Hopes, My Dreams, My Fears.

Wow, Kyle. It has been quite a while. A lot could happen in 10 years and as a younger version of yours, I am excited to see where you’ll be. Do you know that business you’re starting? With Wes and Ethan? I sure hope it worked out as you wanted it to. I hope it grew to be everything you were striving for. I hope all the pain and suffering paid off. Right now, I feel very optimistic about it. The only downside is the amount of time I need to give this business to be successful, without actually having the time to do so. I am very scared that I may dive so deep there’s no choice but to hold my breath and hope for the best, but that won’t stop me from giving it my all. Regardless, you better be sticking to your values. Don’t forget why you started this business in the first place. I hope work isn’t keeping you busy from the realities in life. Don’t take away too much time from those you call family. This is a short life we live and if you choose success over all of that, you’re screwed.

Other than that…. 31 years old? That’s insane. In 2020, I remember watching a 60 minutes documentary at around 10 years old that said life on Earth would end this year. Think it had something to do with a meteor? Not sure but if you’re reading this 10 years later then I guess we are Ok! In 10 years I hope you’ve kept up with your friends. Diego was your best friend at this time, so he better be your best friend in 10 years damn it!

It is really hard to say what I want to say. Your life is so hectic now that it is very difficult to pinpoint where you might be. You could be in Denver, Colorado, still in Virginia, or somewhere halfway across the planet. If there’s one thing I am certain of though, is that you’ll find a way like you always do. Just don’t give up. And don’t forget who helped you get there.


Your 21-year-old self

How Does A Song Make You Feel?

How does a song make me feel? Well, I’ll tell ya!

One of my favorite songs is written and sang by one of my favorite artists, Hotel California by The Eagles. There is no way, absolutely no way that any living person can go through this song without feeling something. It was first released just before the 80s, and man does it make me want to go back. Imagine listening to this piece of music, or just the Eagles for the matter, right in their prime! How exciting it would have been to see them live in front of you in the 80s.

Of course, the version above, which was created by Emblem3, isn’t the original sound. That is simply because SoundCloud is a free service and I’m sure the Eagles would not appreciate their music up for free. Regardless, it has a similar feel to it. The sound itself features a very long guitar solo towards the end, which is exactly what made me fall in love with it. Right around the 4:00 mark is where the song makes you feel in a different place. Away from reality, almost. In the original, it sounds much better, but hopefully, in this SoundCloud parody, you can get the same feel.

I think this is also why I love the 80s theme so much, and that’s because people who enjoyed the 80s were able to freshly enjoy music like this. And I am very jealous of that. I would have given anything to see this band and many others perform right at their peak. But, for now, I am fine with sitting back and listening to the gold that was 80s rock.

6 Underground – A Netflix Original Review

WARNING: There are spoilers. I suggest that you watch the movie, then compare with my review.

If you are someone who is into fast cars, live-action stunts, guns and chaos, this movie may be for you. 6 Underground, a movie directed by the famous movie director, Michael Bay, is probably my favorite Netflix original of the year.

The movie begins with a beautiful neon green Alfa Romeo, which certainly is a beast of a car, that recklessly drives through Florence, Italy while attempting to escape the bad guys. The people in the inside of that car? The secret team of good guys, whom we don’t know by name (at least not until the end) that attempt to save the world from the world’s most evil individuals.

Image result for green jaguar f type 6 underground
Alfa Romeo that the movie begins with. Image gathered from here.

Each team member on the good guys’ team, which totals 6 different people (thus the movie title: ‘6’ Underground) all go by numbered code names rather than their actual names. One, who is labeled as the billionaire team leader, suggests this as it ensures no team members get close, to ensure that their only focus is the task at hand. Lose a member due to a sticky situation? Oh well, you didn’t really know them anyway. That’s exactly what you feel in the film.

Rather than getting super into every detail with this film, I’ll just give some personal thoughts. I feel like it is more important for the reader (you) to watch the film before reading any review. I mean… What’s the fun in reading what happens without watching it first? This film was AWESOME. It had that usual Michael Bay film feel to it, which I personally enjoy greatly. It had that film that incorporates very serious elements such as the lighting, the death, the mystery, the missions, but then again it also had Ryan Reynolds who is such a great actor. This movie also feels very original as far as action goes, and you don’t often see that.

Image result for 6 underground
Here’s the full team of 6. Their nicknames are as follows from left to right: 7, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3. You can find this image here.

I also loved the fact that these individuals still had families, friends, loved ones, but no one knew they were alive. They all, in one way or another, faked their deaths. And they spend their time, away from the life they once knew, to actually make the world a better place. They accomplish things that ordinary people and governments cannot intervene in, and they do it very well. And I think that’s why I love this movie.

You can watch this movie on Netflix. If you’re feeling in the mood for a very intense action movie, then I very much recommend it.

Another Day…

In my time living in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I haven’t actually taken time to pick apart its beauty. It’s a large, historic city that hugs the rough Rappahannock River. It is filled with welcoming neighbors who, unlike many cities, actually make an effort to acknowledge your presence. Its downtown restaurants excite the inner foodie in me. Finally, its abundance of parks takes away the stress of the busy lifestyle we all seem to live. I’ve never been able to fully appreciate the wonderful city that it is, and so, that is what I aim to do within this blog post.

The first place I decided to visit was Kenmore Park.

This park was one of my favorites because it was so close to my house. I’m just a couple of minutes away walking from a park that offers so much. I am able to utilize a playground, and an entire football field-sized grass area, and a ton of tennis courts. It also features a HUGE historic rock on top of the hill which has been here far longer than life itself (not actually, but it is quite old).

Next, I ventured near the Rappahannock River to a park that actually touches this river. It is called Old Mill Park.

I have actually been here a few times. The many memories I have include super hot sunny days, a bunch of friends, and the desire to plunge ourselves in the cold fresh water. This park, by far, is my favorite not only because of the preservation of this beautiful nature but the memories as well.

Next, after talking with a local who lives in downtown Fredericksburg, he suggested that I take in the beauty of Princess Anne Street.

My phone.

After walking down the street, I saw such rich architecture and attention to detail. I also discovered that the City Hall is located on this street, which is pretty cool. Every house seemed to have a carefully constructed brick or stone wall around their property as well, which is pretty unique. I believe that incorporates a bit of 80s home styles as well.

During my journey around Fredericksburg, I realized that our world has drawn our attention far away from things that we can enjoy if we just looked away from our phones. I can say that I very much fall victim to this, and I am sad that I’ve gone so long without doing something like this sooner. Now, reflecting on my experiences, this is something I will do more often.