Week 2

What a crazy week! I can’t believe it has only been two weeks. This week, in particular, has been a rough one. On top of this class, I have three 400-level computer science courses and intermediate Spanish. The free time I have is extremely limited so I certainly fell behind this week. I foolishly failed to check the assignments for this week early on and missed a few because of that. Luckily, it is only the second week and now knowing what I know, I can budget for that.

One of my favorite assignments this week was the Google Neural Network. I knew that this thing would be fast in guessing my drawings, but not this fast. It was a fun challenge that I hope others will enjoy as well. You can find it here:

My favorite Daily that I did was Thursday’s map of our day. I showed what my day would look like and the types of things I would be doing. I posted this on Twitter yesterday afternoon. It was interesting to take a step back and visually see where I would be throughout the day. You can find this here:

This week was hard, but now knowing the kind of work this class takes, I’ll be sure to be more proactive in my blogging in the future. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here is a post that I found on Imgur that depicts something that just can’t be possible. It is a post by Bomolakeview .

Google’s Impressive Neural Network

I was very impressed with Google’s Neural Network. As you can see, I am not a great artist. Although, LOOK AT THAT SCORPION. That’s well drawn in my opinion. I had 20 seconds to draw that and I think it came out pretty well. Google’s Neural Network may be good, but it has some improvements to be made. Check out how I did below.

If you want to try this yourself, go ahead and click the link here.

Is that Thor?

After a long journey traveling the universe, Thor stopped by my place. We are good friends so I wasn’t too surprised. I figured that he had more important things to take care of than see me. I felt quite honored.


I made this GIF with https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker . All you have to do is record a video and upload it to their easy GIF creator. This whole process took maybe 5 minutes. Give it a try!

First Week Reflections

What a crazy first-week spring 2020 has been. This class specifically has been the most enjoyable. I’ve always liked creating websites and writing blog posts. Since middle school, I’ve cultivated a passion for creating websites. So, because of this fact, this class is a perfect end to a long academic career at the University of Mary Washington.

I specifically enjoyed the introductions portion of this course, which can be found above. I enjoyed the introductions, in particular, this week because it was very fun and interesting to create many different accounts on all of social media. It was awesome to learn and create sound clips on Soundcloud, a youtube video on YouTube, creating class specific tweets on Twitter (which I am very familiar with), and Instagram photos. It was cool to get a hang of these different social media tools and I am excited to learn more about how they work, and what we will use them for.

I did not enjoy the large setup. It was quite time-consuming and at times, frustrating. This is because of the very busy week I had, in addition to some computer difficulties. However, it seems that setting up accounts, setting up a website, and figuring out how everything works in general, is a one-time scenario. So, hopefully, I can smoothly sail through this class without much difficulty.

Here is a GIF that was retrieved from Imgur. The GIF is from the account Itsnotwhatitsoundslike . Have a great weekend!

The 80s

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon an HBO original showcasing the horrific incident that occurred at Chernobyl. The uranium accident took place on April 26, 1986. The show ran through the events that took place on that day and the months that followed. The 1980s series showed the secrecy the Soviet Union practiced in their government and the heroic acts of its citizens to make correct of their own leader’s wrongdoings. The powerplant, Chernobyl, which exploded on April 26, 1986, emitted as much uranium into our livable atmosphere as 48 Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs each day, according to a scientist in the show. If the fire could not be stopped, it could kill every single person in the country of Russia within months.

Pripyat, which is north of what used to be the Ukranian Soviet Union, is where the notorious nuclear powerplant exists and where these events took place. At the time, the USSR was very secretive, and rightly so with the constant surveillance under the powerful United States and the rest of the world. In 1985, Before Chernobyl, marked the end of the cold war and a reduction in power of the USSR. The USSR did not want the world to know of its inabilities and failures alike Chernobyl, and therefore ultimately led to their downfall. This I believe to be the theme of the 80s. A world not checked by media or wrongdoing but silently led by powerful leaders who care little about humanitarianism.

Chernobyl Disaster.jpg
Reactors No. 4 and No. 3 after the disaster

Gathered from Wikipedia.

This show gives us an excellent view of what the 80s were believed to be felt like. Secrecy.

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Reactors No. 4 and No. 3 after the disaster – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl_disaster

Hi, CPSC 106!

Hello fellow classmates!

My name is Kyle Ortiz. I am a Senior here at the University of Mary Washington. I am a computer science major and I currently hold a Geographic Information Systems certificate at the University as well. I am excited to build this blog and excited to see where this class takes all of us.

Connect with me –

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One thing I would like to continue doing is citing and placing a random GIF on most, if not all, of my blog posts. You know, to add a little bit of comedic relief. So, enjoy this gif by QrtQrt featuring quite the lazy fisherman: