Week 11 – Daily Creates

This week I only did one daily create. I started a business and am now working two full time jobs because of school going online and life has been crazy because of it.

This one was about my favorite memories. I loved this one because I actually took some time to think about all of the different memories I had growing up. This one was for sure my favorite.

Daily Creates – Week 10

Unfortunately, It seems that I will always have a ton of work to do each week. It is quite overwhelming. I was able to do Friday’s daily create which asked us to share the first 5 songs that appear when shuffling out music library.

Daily Creates – Week 9

In case it’s a surprise, this was a difficult week for life in general. First, COVID-19, then I had to move home, plus a billion things to do for school. I was only able to get around to completing two daily creates this week. They were quite easy and I had an enjoyable time completing them.

The first, we were tasked to google search Holi and use their secret but not so secret tool to draw whatever we wanted in celebration of Holi. I decided to draw out the letters ‘UMW’ with it.

Next, I was tasked to create a happy quote fitted into an image that represented that quote. I went with ‘Every day is a new day’, because it’s so true.