Daily Creates – Week 10

Unfortunately, It seems that I will always have a ton of work to do each week. It is quite overwhelming. I was able to do Friday’s daily create which asked us to share the first 5 songs that appear when shuffling out music library.

Week 9

With classes being converted to online, it has been quite a difficult week for professors and students to adjust. thankfully, this class does not have to think about that.

The week surely was not easy. After being kicked out of housing and classes being reverted to online, it has been quite the struggle. I have so much work to be done so I will be keeping this short and simple. I started the week off with daily creates. These weren’t too bad and I was able to complete two of them. I couldn’t complete three becase I lost track of time with my other classes. You can view that post here:

Also, I was able to find time to listen to another group’s radio show. They were all very good and I was impressed by my classmates and the work they put in these past couple weeks.

Finally, I was able to review two assignments to redo, and chose assignments that I thought were the most enjoyable. I wouldn’t say these redos were better, but they are certainly more different. You can view these two assignments here:

Alright, that’s it for this week. I hope everyone is staying safe and gets through this semester strong!

Mickey Mouse Wants YOU to Buy Flowers.

I redid the assignment I did a couple of weeks ago that featured Garfield and a subway mashup. I decided to stay within our theme here so I decided to use an 80s cartoon character.

I went with Mickey Mouse. He was huge back then and still is today. I took an image of him holding a flower and thought of the 1-800-flowers company. It worked out great!