Week 5 Summary

This was a long week. So much to do, but little time to do it. It all started off with my first post: “Radio Show Ideas”

I had some great ideas about radio shows and podcasts, and I would love to continue them down the road. Next, I posted about my Daily creation on 2/13/2020. This was one of the more enjoyable daily creates.

Next, I talked about the Moon Graffiti audio we listened to and found it very cool and interesting. One day I hope to make something like this, but when I have time.

Then, I created my radio show bumper, which is pretty ok. I can already think of ways I would change it.

I also created a sound story and uploaded it to SoundCloud. It is about a man who was hard at work in his office and then decided to spontaneously drive to the airport and take a trip to the beach. Great stuff.

I also had some fun and created a radio show commercial. This was fun because I envolved a friend who made it fun. It also took a few takes just because we could not stop laughing.

Last night, I was finally able to make it into the radio show. It was very interesting. Involved some spooky elements and a tad bit of French. I compiled my favorite tweets from that night.

Finally, I created a sick beat. It took some time to figure out Audacity this week, but I got the hang of it now. Pretty cool stuff.

I had a great time this week. I find the sound assignments a lot more entertaining than anything else. It gave me a chance to be creative with my time and I really appreciate that. I hope that we can continue to do sound assignments in the future. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy Valentine’s day!

Week 4 Reflections

Wow, what a week! This was a fun one. I very much enjoy the visual assignments way more than the writing assignments.

I love the ‘Red bull gives whales wings’ assignment. It was super fun to make and it came out far better than I thought It would. I am really getting the hang of image editing and photoshop. I love it! Here it is:

I also liked the photo blitz. I did not get far but it was fun nonetheless. I can’t wait for next week to get started. See you next week!

Week 3: aka Fun Week

This was actually a good week for me. I was able to stay on top of my tasks and stay the course. Last week I struggled to keep up with my assignments, on top of my other classes, but this week I managed to be proactive and it felt very manageable.

It was fun to take this week and write a lot. Its been something I’ve very much enjoyed doing in the past, so it felt good to pick that back up again. In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed the 10-year letter to my self assignment. It was very entertaining talking to myself while also imagining what kind of person I may end up as. I haven’t really thought of what my life would be like 10 years from now, so it felt really good to write those thoughts into a blog post.


I also enjoyed that daily create we had to complete on Wednesday. It was fun to write a small mini-memoir on something we found important to us. I wrote mine about Denver, Colorado, which is where I was born and spent much of my time throughout my life. Below you can see exactly what that mini-memoir looked like:

12 writing stars were quite a lot, but I think as long as it doesn’t get much busier than that, we are good! I hope others in the class enjoyed this week as much as I did. Let’s see what next week brings us. Have a great weekend.

Week 2

What a crazy week! I can’t believe it has only been two weeks. This week, in particular, has been a rough one. On top of this class, I have three 400-level computer science courses and intermediate Spanish. The free time I have is extremely limited so I certainly fell behind this week. I foolishly failed to check the assignments for this week early on and missed a few because of that. Luckily, it is only the second week and now knowing what I know, I can budget for that.

One of my favorite assignments this week was the Google Neural Network. I knew that this thing would be fast in guessing my drawings, but not this fast. It was a fun challenge that I hope others will enjoy as well. You can find it here:

My favorite Daily that I did was Thursday’s map of our day. I showed what my day would look like and the types of things I would be doing. I posted this on Twitter yesterday afternoon. It was interesting to take a step back and visually see where I would be throughout the day. You can find this here:

This week was hard, but now knowing the kind of work this class takes, I’ll be sure to be more proactive in my blogging in the future. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here is a post that I found on Imgur that depicts something that just can’t be possible. It is a post by Bomolakeview .

First Week Reflections

What a crazy first-week spring 2020 has been. This class specifically has been the most enjoyable. I’ve always liked creating websites and writing blog posts. Since middle school, I’ve cultivated a passion for creating websites. So, because of this fact, this class is a perfect end to a long academic career at the University of Mary Washington.

I specifically enjoyed the introductions portion of this course, which can be found above. I enjoyed the introductions, in particular, this week because it was very fun and interesting to create many different accounts on all of social media. It was awesome to learn and create sound clips on Soundcloud, a youtube video on YouTube, creating class specific tweets on Twitter (which I am very familiar with), and Instagram photos. It was cool to get a hang of these different social media tools and I am excited to learn more about how they work, and what we will use them for.

I did not enjoy the large setup. It was quite time-consuming and at times, frustrating. This is because of the very busy week I had, in addition to some computer difficulties. However, it seems that setting up accounts, setting up a website, and figuring out how everything works in general, is a one-time scenario. So, hopefully, I can smoothly sail through this class without much difficulty.

Here is a GIF that was retrieved from Imgur. The GIF is from the account Itsnotwhatitsoundslike . Have a great weekend!