Hello everyone,

The final weeks are upon us. This week we are tasked with grouping together to create our final media project. This time, instead of creating a masterpiece on one social media platform, we must adapt it to multiple different social media platforms for the viewer. This means that if we make a radio show for SoundCloud, we should try to create a video version as well.

We all had a couple ideas, but the ones we are settling on are creating a horror movie that also can be converted into an audio show or taking existing 80’s movies and changing their genre completely with the magic of editing.

These ideas are quite broad, but they allow our group to be creative in our edits and create something the viewer will bond to. Speaking of our group, here are our members. James, a video editing genius. Lilian, our creative mind. Lewis, a contagious comedian. Hayden, a master in 80’s history. And myself, the audio guy.

Our plan for this week and on is to finalize our script, create an outline of everything we need. Record, record, record. Then, finally, edit and put everything together. Audio effects come last. And then, come deadline, we will push both our audio show and video show to both SoundCloud and YouTube, and finish the class!

I am excited to work with this group for the THIRD time. We randomly chose each other for the first radio show, and it ended up being the best thing we could do. We have a system and chemistry that you can’t find anywhere else. We never have problems. So, for this final project, I can’t wait to help produce something great once again.

See you a week from now with our final products.


Author: Kyle Ortiz

Just a student waiting to graduate.

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