Radio Show: Bumpington

For this post, I’ve decided to make this one of my audio assignments while also using it as a radio show promo assignment for the upcoming radio shows.

What a busy week I’ve had so far… Regardless, I was still able to get around to my radio show bumper for our new radio show — Social Media: An 80s Rewrite.

I’ve noticed that SoundCloud tends to cut off just a tad of the front and back of any sound clip that you upload, so that is worth keeping note of. Either way, this turned out pretty great. If you’ve ever listened to Ted Radio by NPR, my sound bumper sort of turned out to sound pretty similar, which is not a bad thing whatsoever. I hope you enjoy!

I ended up using Audacity to throw the different audio sound files together. I also used Audacity to record my voice, as it makes it very easy to record and edit the different sound bites. I was able to grab the guitar sound you hear in the background right off of It was the perfect length and gave the radio show bumper the exact feel I was going for.

Hopefully, we can take that informative, happy feeling that was used for this sound bumper, and carry it through our radio show in the near future.

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See you in my next post.


Author: Kyle Ortiz

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