Video Project Progress

Hey, everyone.

The group that I was a part of for the radio show that we did a couple of weeks ago is back at it again! We decided as a collective to band together once again to form a video.

Our topic is going to be post-COVID-19. We will be creating a fictional story about what we think the world would be like post-COVID-19 with a twist of comedy. We started the week off by meeting virtually and discussing the details. The video itself will have a documentary-comedy feel to it that will not only describe the events of 2020 and COVID-19 but do so in a way that hopefully makes the viewer chuckle quite a bit. It will be, hopefully, an interview-based process that will be edited together to tell the story. James Fendley will be our editor, and the rest of our group will assist.

I started off the process, like everyone else, creating a trailer. This took no time at all and I had the help of a friend to create quite the masterpiece.

It just gives a teaser for the events that occurred and also a touch of comedy to entertain the user. The sound and clips shown there hopefully make it fun to watch.

Next week our group will band together and create the best video the world has ever seen. See you then.

Author: Kyle Ortiz

Just a student waiting to graduate.

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