Video Show Progress.

It is completed. The same group of individuals that I was apart of to create our radio show, has come together to finish up a video project. This video was based from 2020-2021 showcasing interviews of survivors that experienced the global COVID-19 pandemic and lived to tell about it. It shows interviews, stories, and lifestyles that people had to go through that lived in that era.

Something like this would have been shown probably a decade after the pandemic and would have given people and idea of what it was like for those who may not have experienced the horrors of the deadly virus.

Here is the video if you want to take a look at it, which I recommend you do. It is roughly 14 minutes long and shows a bit of comedy that I think during a time like this, you will enjoy.

As always, it has been a great time with this group I was apart of. Lilian Villareal, James Fendley, Lewis Geter, and Hayden Webb have made this entire process to smooth and easy. Couldn’t ask for a better group!

Author: Kyle Ortiz

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