I, unfortunately, was not able to participate this week. I’ve been working crazy 80+ hour weeks lately and I think all of the exhaustion and stress is catching up to me. However, I was able to finish some assignments. I feel bad. But, here it goes.

I started out my week with a daily create. This would be my only daily create, but at least I managed to get one done.

You can read about this daily create on a post I made about it here:

I also finished an assignment that I found to be the most entertaining. I tried my best to make sure that all of the mouth movements fit the song perfectly. It was The less I know the better by Tame Impala. I hope you find it entertaining. I sure did.

That is it for this week. I am going to work my butt off for the final project we have coming up to make up for the lack of work this week. I hope everyone is staying safe!


Author: Kyle Ortiz

Just a student waiting to graduate.

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